Squeezy Organic Bar

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The Energy Organic Bar provides carbohydrates before, during and after sports. The bar has a high concentration of fruit. Thereby it is soft, juicy and pleasant to chew. All ingredients are organically grow and free of gluten.

Why Energy Organic Bar?

  • all ingredients are 100% organically grown
  • the bar is free of additives and gluten ingredients
  • high percentage of fruits, therefore soft, juicy and pleasant to chew

What does the Energy Organic Bar contain?

  • nuts as cashews and almonds
  • fruits as pineapple and raisins
  • 20 g carbohydrates

What does the Energy Organic Bar not contain? (advice for vegan and athletes with food intolerances)

  • free of lactose
  • free of additives
  • suitable for vegetarians
Ingredients - raisins*, pineapple* 20%, tonsils* 19%, bee honey* 18%, cashews*, apricot kernels*, sunflower oil*, potato starch* (*organically grown)

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