Run, Ride, Sink or Swim - by Lucy Fry~

Run, Ride, Sink or Swim - by Lucy Fry~

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A Year in the Exhilarating and Addictive World of Women's Triathlon

Three sports in one event? Triathletes must be crazy, right?

At the age of thirty-one, Lucy Fry was pretty certain she knew her limits: triathlon was not for her.

But as increasing numbers of her female friends signed up to tri, Lucy couldn't help wondering: what was it about this sport that women found so transformative? The time had come to find out.

Over one year, five triathlons and hundreds of training hours, Lucy discovers the competition and camaraderie, how to wear a sports bra under a wetsuit, whether getting over 'jelly legs' makes you a more resilient human being - and that maybe she doesn't know her limits after all...

Funny, warm and engaging, Run, Ride, Sink or Swim is for the tri-curious and the tri-hard, and for any woman looking to make the transition from sofa to start line.


charming read about taking on way more than you ever dreamed possible ... A fun, approachable place to start if you're thinking of moving off the pavement towards other disciplines, and a wonderful reminder that achievement need not mean going the furthest or fastest, but merely moving beyond your own expectations. (Alexandra Heminsley (author of RUNNING LIKE A GIRL), Independent on Sunday)

Excellent ... I am seriously enjoying nodding along to this very honest and funny account of Lucy Fry's year of triathlons. A reassuring must-read for anyone embarking on becoming a tri-hard. (Huffington Post)

"At the age of 31 I was pretty sure I knew my limits." So says Fry. At the age of 39, reading her absorbing and inspiring memoir, I am no longer so certain of my own. (Ruth Field, author of Run Fat B!tch Run)

An entertaining insight into the mental, emotional and physical challenges Lucy Fry faces. You also get to laugh at her (many) mistakes along the way. (Sport Magazine)

Triathlon is the core theme, bit this is a story about so much more than swimming, running, cycling and personal bests - it's about that very human thing of being drawn to a challenge, the joy and pressures of rising to it and lessons learned along the way ... [Run, Ride, Sink or Swim] moved and inspired in equal measure. (Press Association)

Why read it? To enjoy the self-effacing humour of Lucy Fry, and to learn about her experiences as she gets to grips with completing triathlon. (Red magazine, Best Books for Exercise Lovers)

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