Mountain King Trail Blaze Running Poles - Black~

Mountain King Trail Blaze Running Poles - Black~

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Mountain King's Trail Blaze Poles weigh in at a mere 125-135g (depending on the length) and are a minimalist trekking and running pole designed for those wanting minimum bulk and weight.

Weighing so little and collapsing down to just 32-38cm, these poles are ideal for ultra distance running and far-flung, fast & light backpacking expeditions. Each pole is constructed from 4 sections of high grade 7075 aluminium tubing which assemble via a single perlon pull cord, running the length of the shaft - similar to an avalanche probe.

To use: hold the cord at the top of the grip and let the pole sections drop down and slot together (like a tent pole), pull the cord until you see a knot and cinch this into the groove on the top of the handle locking the pole in place. Finally, use the Velcro tie off to keep the cord against the shaft of the pole.

Please be aware these are a specialist piece of equipment and whilst being just about as durable as is possible, with something of this weight, they will not be quite as sturdy as a standard trekking pole and are not design to be used as such. All parts are replaceable, including pole sections.

Mountain King is a trekking pole manufacturer based in Newcastle, in the North East of England. Specialising in everything from basic walking poles to high-end ultra marathon and mountaineering poles, Mountain King pride themselves in using the finest materials and components available. Each pole is manufactured from start to finish within the Newcastle factory, where they are individually tested before heading out to retail. Nearly all the poles within the Mountain King range have received various accolades and plaudits from across the outdoor press, proving they are well worth your consideration when purchasing a new pair of poles.

The Mountain King Trail Blaze trekking poles come in a solid bag and the poles are sold in pairs.


  • Lightweight and compact aluminium poles
  • Carbide wear tip with protective cover
  • Wrist strap
  • Airflow grip
  • Mesh bag
  • Weight - 125-135g (depending on length)
  • Folds up to 32-38cm (depending on length)


  • Reduced weight on your hips and back by 7-11 kg per step
  • Uphill walking is made easier as your arms help support your upper body and give extra support to your legs
  • Down hill walking is less of a strain on the knees and long descents are less of a challenge
  • When crossing streams or boggy ground, Mountain King poles are used to judge depth and increase stability
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