Lupine Betty Headlamp~

  • $6,890 HKD

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To build the brightest headlamp in the world, we have questioned ourselves as to what defines a lamp head - a stable and simultaneously lightweight body, powerful LEDs, an efficient lens system, as well as being as easy as possible to use. With the Betty, we wanted to bring out the best from all components. We have redefined the limits of technology and created something special - a lamp without compromise.

All Betty models come with a BLUETOOTH remote and a SmartCore battery, which shows you the remaining capacity of your battery and supplies your lamp with the necessary power. Carry the battery of your headlamp in your backpack, or simply in a pocket.

Specifications - Betty RX7

Specifications - Betty - RX14

    Lupine represents quality made in Germany, for almost 25 years

    All of our lights are developed and produced in Germany. Most components are produced in either Germany or in neighbouring countries that match our demands regarding quality and durability. Thereby we achieve an very high quality level and low defects rate

    If your light needs a service, we guarantee, within 48h after the light has arrived to our company, it will be on its way back. All of our lights have a guarantee of two years, but even after that time we offer an accommodating service.

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