BV Sport - XLR Multisports Compression Socks~

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The calf compression of the XLR recreates the famous Y-SPORT system, specially designed to improve venous return, and oxygenation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments via optimising human physiology. The reinforced stitching provides additional support to the Achilles tendon, reducing vibrations that cause fatigue and muscle injury.


  • Advanced calf compression to reduce vibrations and reduce fatigue and injury
  • Asymetric aero-tibial windows to optimise muscle performance
  • Y-SPORT system to reinforce and protect the nerves, tendons and tendon sheathes
  • Lightweight for better transpiration on the front of the foot
  • Increased forefoot stability
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-static
  • Ultra flat seams
  • Sizing (calf circumference) - S is 30-33cm, M is 34-38cm, L is 39-43cm


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