Betty TL2 (S) Flashlight~

Betty TL2 (S) Flashlight~

  • $5,550 HKD

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The brightest flashlight in the world has just become even brighter. Our Betty TL2 is your handheld floodlight, emitting an almost unbelievable 5,000 true and tested lumens that can literally flood an entire valley with light. 

INCLUDED IN KIT: Betty TL2 Flashlight, 3.3 Ah Battery Tank Li-ion battery, Charger One, 12V cable, double-thread cap (mounts any 55 mm filter), 1/4 inch adapter (for mounting Betty on common tri-pods), Pouch L, and Betty Manual.

The Betty TL2 is simply the perfect flashlight. In fact, it's the official flashlight of the Norwegian Police and has proven itself in various rescue operations.

Betty TL2 features:

  • High-performance LEDs
  • Simple battery swap
  • Extremely robust, shapely, waterproof aluminum housing
  • Special lens arrangement for a perfect luminous image
  • Beam range of over 380 meters
  • Ideal for camping, hunting, photography, fishing, biking, car repair work, construction
  • 11 light modes & integrated red light for reading at night

The Betty flashlight offers 11 different dimming levels and numerous additional functions such as the red center LED, SOS, FLASH, RVLR and alpine emergency signal modes. Switch between levels with a single keystroke, check remaining battery life or create a custom light program by combining up to 4 light steps in any order.

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