Berghaus Women's VapourLight Hypertherm Reversible Jacket~

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The Women's VapourLight Hypertherm Reversible Jacket is the ideal insulation piece for the highly active trail sport enthusiast. It can be worn in two ways, offering two distinct styles but also two levels of adaptable insulation performance.

One side is to be used when the conditions are cold, a highly wind resistant outer stops cool winds from penetrating the jacket and keeps the body heat in. Reverse it, and the other side is to be used when the conditions are good or during periods of high exertion. The air permeable fabric is now on the outer, reducing the amount of body heat trapped and offering great breathability.

Features & Benefits

  • This jacket reverses offering two styles and two levels of insulation allowing you to remain comfortable and adaptable during your activities
  • The warmer side features a wind resistant AF shell – designed to keep cool breezes out and trap body heat when you need it
  • Reverse the jacket and the cooler side offers an air permeable fabric which reduces the amount of body heat trapped keeping the body cool and comfortable during high exertion activities
  • A comfortable fit is achieved with the stretch bound cuffs and hems which protect against any cold winds
  • Weight - 159g including 40g Hydroloft Elite Pro insulation

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