Ay Up Run Kit

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The latest from Ay Up Lighting Systems that has been specifically designed for head use. This kit has already become the premier trail running system of today with its awesome minimum eight hours of light power.

The kit is packed inside a custom designed lightweight running waist pack with internal pockets for the charging system, a spare battery pocket and the fully assembled head torch. There is also enough room for your phone and external pockets for S change and gels. The branding is printed in reflective ink; couple this with the reflective paracord and it will certainly make you highly visible at night by other road users. 

The light is a 700+ lumen flood beamed light. It has independently rotatable light casings so you can point one at your feet and one ahead of you. No need to carry an extra hand torch with this kit. The light is fully waterproof as is the newly designed rechargeable B2000 battery that has 3 power levels (100%, 50% and 25%), flashing and fuel gauge. Minimum burn on high = 2.5 hours, M = 4 hours, low = 8 hours, or flashing = 14+ hours. The B2000 is our latest battery and will support all of our lighting systems from July 2014.

The 3 point head torch harness has been designed for endurance use and with this in mind we have made it extremely comfortable. The light mount has a L forehead foam pad. The battery is mounted at the back of the head on a triangular vented, air mesh cushion. Exposed rubber elasticated strapping grips the battery pack and the reflective paracord secures the battery through a D-Ring toggle. The battery wire can be fitted over the top of the head or on either side strap. The wire is secured using elasticated sleeves. The head torch harness has L reflective panels sewn on either side of the battery.

Each Run Kit features:

  • 700+ lumen flood beamed light
  • B2000 battery with 3 power levels, flashing and fuel gauge
  • Dual channel charger and 110-240V AC power adaptor for your country
  • 3 point head torch harness
  • System weight is 260 grams (battery and head torch mount included)
  • Lightweight running waist pack
  • Australian-made with 5-year warranty on lights and 1-year warranty on all other parts

Additional B2000 battery and 120cm extension cord sold separately.

Gone Running says - It's certainly not cheap, but this is the best trail running headlamp we've come across. It's super bright, reliable and not too heavy, so doesn't slip around over a bandanna. We position the lights with one directly in front and another further out to create a "path" of forwards light, nothing wasted peripherally. Order the extension cord if you want the option to put the battery in your pack.

* We apologise that head torches cannot be posted outside Hong Kong given restrictions on sending lithium batteries.*

Ay Up Run Kit has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 13 reviews.

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