Ay Up B2000 Battery

  • $520 HKD

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The B2000 is our latest battery and will support all of our lighting systems from July 2014. This battery is compatible with all Ay Up Lights and Chargers from 2007.

Mounting of your batteries could not be easier with our mount anywhere neoprene battery pouches which further protect and carry your light power. See related products for more details.  


  • 3 Light power levels - High, M and low
  • Flashing mode for commuting or to alert others
  • Fuel gauge, allows you to check how much charge your battery has left
  • Fixed battery cable, approx. 300mm long with a moulded DC socket
  • Can be charged with any of our new or old chargers
Ay Up B2000 Battery has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 8 reviews.

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